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Mar19-03, 02:04 PM
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Kerrie and Tom,

The sentences I gave are not mine.
Here is a another saying from Parmenides that could concern both of you.

"Mortals without wisdom will say : "It is and is not"."

He says also " What is not is impossible, it is even impossible to think of what is not".

May I consider as "Mortals without wisdom" those who give qualities to what is not? (Mortals who speak about c, photons etc. while denying the existence of an ether)

About the power of the mind: "Only those things exist in reality the existence of which the mind has concluded to"..

Anyway, I think science without some logic does not make sense. And that logic must not be adapted to circumstances. When I hear some people think of science without philosophy I feel the breath of QM in my neck..