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Sep25-07, 09:54 PM
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If you want to know how much of a goody-two-shoes I was as a kid, that's the sort of assignment that would have prompted me to grab the dictionary, write out all the correct definitions, and then march to the principal's office to rat out the teacher! (But I didn't have the nerve to do it myself; 3 of my friends would go with me.) Honestly, I think it worked better than having someone's parents complaining. The one time we did that was because a substitute teacher was teaching us how to read a periodic table incorrectly, and he was never seen again. I never had a regular teacher that bad, so don't know how that would have worked out.
On the topic of bad teachers, two friends of mine had a psychology professor who refused to admit that the units of "nanometers" existed. The correct SI units were, of course, millimicrons. Believe it or not, his contract was not renewed for the next year.

Also, a friend in a Chem 101 class had this grad student who told the class that "0 degrees Celsius was absolute zero," and that "paint was a solution as long as you kept mixing it." Yeah, that's right, a chemistry graduate student.