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jim mcnamara
Oct25-07, 12:38 PM
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One example of a negative is something that we deal with here all the time. We have many people show up who have little to no scientific training, but who nonetheless will argue with Ph.D. physicists about physics; or biologists about biology; or engineers about engineering, right up until they get banned. We try to run a tight ship here, however, as you probably know, to a large extent the internet effectively democratizes science. Those who frequent unmoderated or badly moderated sites are often taught complete rubbish.
This is the main reason I back out of posting. Any quarrel with an idiot means I lose. And a lot of it in Biology is Religion motivated. Sometimes I post a statement, I always put the poster into my kill filter and let it go.

Evo/Monique then usually end up closing the thread.

I'd like to complain that Science should not have to fight Religious views, but I'd be wrong. I don't think there ever will be any reconciliation between Christian Fundamentalists and evolutionary Biologists, for example. So it's a no-win deal. But correct information has to go out there somewhere.

To the point: The internet gives oddball views more than their fair share of exposure. IMO.
The "inumerati" (innumerate ones) out there seem to outnumber the rest of us, if the internet represents any kind of reasonable sample space. Otherwise the inumerati try to outshout those of us who can count to ten.

I cannot tell which. I am hopin' for number two.