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Feb22-04, 04:48 AM
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I have always been celibate. Upon telling my spiritual companion my formost reason for being celibate, this is what he says.

"I'm celibate is because I'm too emotional to use sex
for pleasure. It must be completely out of love and if
I ever had sex for pleasure it would prabably wreak
emotional havok on me. Isn't that a much more sincere
reason than believing sex is filthy and evil?"

"Yes, but you will be hard pressed to hear that from
many other people besides myself. I could never lie
with a woman unless I had the full intention of
marrying her. If there is no love, then the act is
violent, brutal, cold, uncaring, profoundly hateful.
It is a disgrace, a lowering of a female's spiritual
level to use her for pleasure, and for a man to do so,
it is an act of severe and eternal abuse upon her
spirit. The religious teachings of avoiding sex are
meant to help direct bald monkeys towards not
ignorantly destroying other people's lives. For you to
choose the value system of avoiding unmarried sex due
solely to your own set of ethics, that openly shows
your spirit is evolved, expressing spirituality above
all religions. You are not "following" any religion,
your are above religion, you follow no law, you "are"
the law. For those above the law, what law can be of
benefit? Religion cannot serve any man who is
spiritual, and no spiritual man can endure the gross
evil of religion.

For a spiritual person, religion is as useless as a well on a riverbank.