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Dec8-07, 07:44 PM
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Scott Ritter is a man on the inside. If you are interested in this Iran issue you may want to watch these interviews:

Edit: Note that these were filmed a year ago, when our "4th estate" apparently didn't give a dam* and Ritter and Hersch were dismissed as alarmists. Guess what? It was true.

"And when Yamur lifted up his Voice, They did not listen.
And when He cried aloud, They put their Hands to their Ears, laughing.
And when He showed them the Cloud upon the Mountains, They said it was afar and would not come nigh.
And when a Sword glinted in the Hills and He pointed to It, They said It was but the Dancing of a Brook in the Sun"

I lifted this narrative from a novel, and inscribed it on the back of my wooden chess-board to remind me to be vigilant. Our country does itself a great disservice by ignoring the warnings of the vigilant and accepting the assertions of the powerful.