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Mar9-04, 11:00 AM
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I just wanted to add a bit of reasoning that I thought would be obvious from what I posted originally, but I think I was mistaken...

The philosophies of Hume and Dennett (and their followers) lead to a logical framework which allows us to get rid of the idea that there are neural firings, and then there is an experience. After all, the synchronous firings never meet up at any one place (thus the experience is "smeared" out among different parts of the brain (as Dennett would put it)) and one perceives one coherent picture, while the firings occur at different times (thus the experience is "smeared" out temporally as well as spacially). So, trying to explain how the experience eventually comes to be (evolves) is like trying to explain how a natural disaster evolves...there is no one point in time or space wherein the whole disaster occurs, it takes a long time, and the end result (when the catastrophe subsides) is not a disaster, but is a world that has been ravaged by that disaster. Yet, one can't say that the disaster didn't happen, just because there was no exact place, nor any exact time, when/where it occured, you simply look back and lump all the events together so that, in retrospect, the whole set of occurances = a natural disaster.