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Daniel Y.
Mar18-08, 08:18 PM
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Hello f(r)iends! The book I've been using for my Algebra II class is Algebra and Trigonometry: Structure and Method, and I've been doing every single exercise/problem in it for every topic, and it seems to be a sufficient resource for Algebra to prepare me for higher maths (correct me if I'm wrong). But I'm a little concerned about the and Trigonometry part of the book. Here's a full list of the topics covered in the book:


Do you think it's sufficient to teach me what I need to know about Trig? I've seen 5" thick books just on Trigonometry, and this seems to put it on the back end of Algebra (covers Analytic Geometry, too). Should I just get a full-blown Trigonometry text and use that instead? Or will this do the trick? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

- Concerned high school student
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