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Mar21-08, 06:31 AM
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There are allegations of CIA contact with bin Laden, but it is by no means a fact.

The wiki article has much better citations against the connection than for it, in my opinion.

Both the US and Zawahiri deny working with each other, but it would be embarrassing for both parties to admit doing so - if the US would be a hypocrite for supporting future anti-US terrorists, then would not bin Laden also be a hypocrite for fighting alongside his future enemy?

In the end, I thought the Peter Bergen piece the wiki article cites was pretty good.
The key fact here is that al Qaida was founded in 1988, after the US support for the mujahedin. The concern in the mid-1980's was 'blowback', which was realized in the 90's.

Frontline has another piece on the search for bin Laden.