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Apr1-04, 05:34 AM
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I meant "detected by machinery" but I wonder if consciousness can. If this absolute stuff is what consciousness rises up out of, then might not returning to the originating condition bring awareness of that since one is now "one" with it, yet conscious?
I don't think there's any 'might' about it.

I am assuming you are referring to the absolute stuff. Why do you think of it as a condensate? Condensed from what? It seems to me that physical reality is more of the condensate, especially after noticing the universe is flying apart, breaking down, radiating away . . . To me it looks like everything is de-condensing.
Well it's only metaphorical. But evolutionary cosmologists treat the early universe as an ideal condensate, and these substances have some curious properties. I'm only a dabbler in these topics but it seems that a condensate can consist of many individual atoms yet be in such a state of coherence that the identity of these individual atoms becomes subsumed into one, the parts become a whole. In this state (at the limits set by the uncertainty principle) the substance is so peturbable that any disturbance would immediately (and 'non-locally') upset the whole thing. Thus such a condensate could not survive long in an undifferentiated state and would inevitably give rise to relative phenomena, aka universes - to unrigorously mix up a few different metaphors. But I'm not suggesting that this is actually the case, it's just interesting to try to match the concepts of physics with those of other world-views.

Your notion of a ground-state of non-quantised light seems a little similar (although I don't understand what you mean by non-quantised here) I have a feeling that there's a lot more to photons that QM currently thinks there is. There are some very good arguments for microphenomenalism.