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Nov17-08, 11:15 PM
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A day in the life of a theoretical physicist...

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Hah, the OP is awesome. In fact, let's explore the ways its awesome.

1) They could be serious. This isn't anything against them; if you haven't seen how a physics dept operates from the inside, you might actually picture a theoretical physicists in their thinking chairs, thinking about interesting things.

2) They could be making fun of theoretical physicists, but be cloaked by the reality that some people actually think this way, and thus the OP is free from reprisal.

Here's to you Mr. Can't-tell-if-you're-sarcastic man: I couldn't have done better myself.
Actually the OP kind of describes my typical day. But I am just a lowly grad student. I think as the responsibilities become greater, you do less and less research and more administrative stuff like writing grants/books, advising students, participating against your will in some committee, meeting with other important people, and so on... perhaps someone who has ever held that position could clarify.