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Nov30-08, 04:18 PM
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You "imagine"? Clearly you've never tried this, then. Moreover, it's not like professors simply wing their lectures all the time either; most actually prepare a set of notes beforehand. And have you tried to TeX anything? It's not exactly a pleasurable experience. So if a professor chooses not to waste his/her time typing up lecture notes, I will not hold that against him/her. These people have better things to do.

Your posts in this thread really show a great level of ignorance. But this doesn't come as a surprise to me, having read an earlier post of yours on people who pursue PhDs.
So scan what you write and compile it into a notebook students can buy. I've used math symbols, and I agree they are time consuming. Still, if I can do 4 page lab reports every week full of them, a book should not be that much of a problem. My point is math classes should focus more on learning instead of writing out the textbook, a view that many students share. This can be done by preparing lectures in advance, the way science courses do.

How do my posts show a level of ignorance? I am sharing my own views that are shared by many undergrad students. I don't pretend to know the master plan behind undergrad work or deny professors know what is best for me. I am just saying that math lectures at their current state are not very useful.

[And I still hold my view on PhDs, despite the fact that it is completely off topic. People persue them for fame, fun, or money; not for the 'betterment of humanity'.]