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Jan29-09, 10:39 AM
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But if you burn up all the left over uranium and plutonium how can you avoid producing energy? It seems no different than a fast breeder in fuel requirements and even seems to allow a wider range of possible fuels. But breeder reactors have a history of problems and may take a very long time to bring to market. I have no doubt that they can work and if nothing better is found the should be built. But would the fusion/fission system be less complex and easier to bring to market? And can it burn thorium directly?

You are correct - if you burn up the left over uranium and plutonium - you will get energy.

As far as breeder reactors; Argonne's Integral Fast Reactor is an interesting design that actually
made it to the prototype stage before it was cancelled in 1994:

Another fusion / fission hybrid idea is Lawrence Livermore's LIFE project:

Dr. Gregory Greenman