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I use this format in my math courses as well.
In applied math maybe.

Let p be a nilpotent group. Then the set of all p-elements of G forms a normal subgroup of G for each prime p.

Where are the parameters?

Final answer?!

I follow a simple format.
Problem #23 - State it.
Solution - Solve it.
That's it.

I highlight my books, I scribble in my books, I drop my books, I turn the pages really fast, I barely write notes, and I lose my notes.

In class, I sit. I pay attention, ask questions, go in front of the class occasionally and work out the problems myself (prof. always asks me to do it), and just take part in the class.

Even with no notes students always invite me to study with them. I can't really write notes because it's like impossible because I write out the solution on the board, then go to sit down as the prof. is erasing it. I barely bother. I just write key notes, and learn them.