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Feb7-09, 02:13 PM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A flat surface with area .14 m^2 lies in the x-y plane, in a uniform electric field given by E=5.1i +2.1j+3.5k kN/C.
A) Find the flux through the surface.

2. Relevant equations
Flux = E dot A (Vector math?)

3. The attempt at a solution
I believe this is the dot product of two vectors. Converting the surface area to vectors (i,j,k) I come up with (.374i, .374j, 0k). When I calculate the dot product:
(5100, 2100, 3500) (.374, .374, 0) I get 2694 N M^2/C (wrong). I believe the plane vectors are incorrect. Guidance please?

Thanks again.
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