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Feb8-09, 03:06 AM
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OH crap! What happened there? The cart goes off camera! How strange is that anyway? Right at the very point where we can see the direction of rotation! Accident or hoax? You be the judge.
O.K. I will be the judge. The prop is geared direclty to the drive shaft via a timing belt with a 90 degree twist. There is NO WAY for it to change directions. Why not watch the beginning of the video where this is abundantly clear!?

And if you believe this video, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn, very good price special for you!
I've built my own carts. I've spoken to Jack Goodman many times. I've done my own analysis. Yes I believe the video is real. In fact I have NO doubt about it. In fact I'm willing to bet you it's real. You name the amount. Let's both put our money where our mouths are. Whadayasay?

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Do you have any evidence for this? The best I have seen is Swerdna’s turntable during the heterodyne run with a ratio of 2.4 : 1
You should really keep in mind that Swerdna has never done a "heterodyne" run. You know why that is? Because that's simply a bunch of nonsense that you made up.

I have seen exactly Zero evidence of anything greater than wind velocity.
Of course you haven't. How could you? Any evidence of faster than wind velocity is discounted by you by definition. It must either be a hoax, or doesn't fit within your extraordinarily limited understanding of physics.

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Let us please leave sailboats and iceboats that are tacking at an angle, out of this discussion.
We're going to be talking about a lot of things we don't expect you to understand. Just pretend you're waiting for a friend at a rocket science convention. Don't let the big words bother you 'mmKay?

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this thread can stop as soon as you admit to the following:

1) There is NO evidence at all that any cart has ever or will ever go directly down wind faster than the wind.

2) That what is happeneing on the turntable, while interesting, has NO relationship to what happens in the wind.
Let's add:

3) There is NO evidence that man has ever stepped foot on the moon

4) Global warming is a hoax being perpetrated by the government to control us.

5) Dr.'s don't want us to be healthy - just alive, so they can continue to bill us.

6) Of course they have cures for cancer and AIDS. But they'd never release them because treatment is such big business.

7) If "they" wanted to they could give us 200 mpg carbeurators, but big oil has paid off anyone that uncovers this truth - and then kills them.

8) The "chem trails" we see behind commercial jets are used by the government for mind control - and it's working.

9) The 9/11 attacks never really happened. And if they did, the U.S. government was behind the whole thing.

10) What holocaust?