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Feb23-09, 04:41 PM
P: 27
I am 18 and know what you're going through. I once had very big interest in physics, but I realized that most theoretical physicists just end up teaching, even though research is exciting. Right now my plans are to go to American College for a B.S. in Computer Programming / Network Administration, an IT job. I will take all of the hard courses in college though that have to do with physics and math, theoretical and applied.

However, I think you should choose option A because you'll still be a physicist but in a physical and more applied way, even though you probably won't end up discovering anything. You will create and design things instead, maybe even mathematical stuff. You can still always look into the research that other physicists have done, you can stand on the shoulders of giants even without becoming a prestigious scientist. You just need to learn advanced mathematics and all parts of advanced theoretical physics.

The solution is very simple, your advantages are money and opportunity, and you will still be a physicist, but just not be at the cutting edge of theoretical research. You can read what other people have done, it's enough trust me.