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Mar2-09, 09:02 AM
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i'm not quite ready to admit defeat.. i'm hoping to achieve some recoil - some noticeable fraction of the normal live fire recoil is what i'm going for.

so yes, it seems clear to me that without a modification to the gun mechanism, this won't be possible.

the two possible non-permanent modifications i can think of:

weaken the shocks: the shocks are filled with mineral oil and a very heavy spring. draining the oil would weaken the shocks.

turn the barrel into a rocket that goes back into the tank: this is the 'nozzle' idea that so far i haven't gotten any real information about how it works or if it would do anything. in the classical physics thread i got a couple of "that wont work" comments, but no reason was given, and it doesnt make any sense to me why it wouldnt work.

if i put my thumb in front of a hose and partially block the exit hole, it seems like the water squirts out harder - wouldn't changing the exit hole of the gun somehow create more pressure or force pushing back into the tank, creating some recoil?