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Mar4-09, 08:58 AM
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I don't want to discourage you from your job search, but I would like to bring an important issue to your awareness so that you can plan accordingly.

Based on what I saw posted in this thread, you have a Ph.D., yet no teaching certification. Therefore, you probably have little teaching experience. When it comes time for the school district to hire potential job candidates (assuming you had certification), they may be much more likely to choose someone fresh out of college rather than you. Why? The reason is money. With your advanced education, you will automatically start out higher on the salary scale. So, you will have to really distinguish yourself from other candidates to have any opportunity.

I used to be a teacher in PA. In my school district, I saw excellent teachers, whom had numerous accolades and experience in leadership roles, that tried to find jobs in better school districts get rejected. The reason was money; they already had 5-15 years experience, depending on the particular case, and the school district chose to hire college graduates with no experience (half of which according to statistics will leave the field within 5 years) instead for each case. This effect may only be local but I doubt it, since many organizations these days, including school districts, are tight with their money.

Based on your background, I would say that your better suited for post-secondary education job opportunities.