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May1-03, 03:08 PM
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Watch out, bro, if you gonna dis rap in this town
I'll trash you so fast cats be thinkin it's WWF Smackdown
Try listenin' before dissin', else you be lookin' like a clown

Hip-hop is poetry, the poetry of the streets
But a little more, cause you also gotta have dope beats
Try some Mos Def, if you wanna hear a real treat
Rhymes so tight, blast you straight outta your seat

Or some Wu-Tang, now those cats are phat
Killa Bees get props, whole world knows that
Tracks bein' played from Jamaica to Eilat

But I don't really know why I'm even tryin'
Feelin like Jesus, castin' pearls before swine
You don't like rap -- whatever, fine

Go back home, thinkin you're some kinda James Dean
Pump up the treble, try and rock out to Celine
Dion, but you don't got it goin on
You ain't keen, you're just a Philistine.