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Mar20-03, 05:20 PM
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Originally posted by Tom
Which is never, as has been explained to you many, many times.
Sorry Tom, but science has no choice than to look for material-causes for all things. And that's exactly what it tries to do in all areas of research.
Science hasn't officially declared that 'God' is dead (or any other possible creative alternative), but by looking for a material-explanation to 'everything', that declaration is still infered... leaving "a material cause" as the only alternative,
for 'everything'.
Science is about pattern recognition and prediction of experimental results and nothing else.
That's not true. Science is about pattern-recognition and prediction of material-causes (and effects). But whenever a cause is predicted, it is assumed that this cause is material by nature (such as string-theory, for example).
String-theory is especially relevant to me, because something which can move through 11-ish dimensions is entirely conceptual, meaning that it is not 4-dimensional. And it would take belief that such concepts can actually exist as a tangible entity. No one here can conceive of an 11-dimensional tangible-reality. Therefore, it takes 'faith' to believe that our 4-dimensional
perceptions emanate from there.
The only belief that is essential is that the laws of physics do not change from place to place, time to time, and person to person.
But they do. Each generation of physicists seems to have a different mindset to the last. Science evolves. Changes.
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