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Apr12-09, 11:51 PM
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My university offers 2 programs that I am interested in; Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I am currently a freshman, and recently declared into Computer Engineering. After some more thinking, however, I can't figure out if it will be the right choice, or if Computer Science is what's really right for me. I can get by next term with courses that fulfill either degree, but I need to make a choice by the term after that.

Here's my thought process:
I've always done computer science type stuff on my own (programming since I was little)
I've always ALSO been interested in computer engineering (wanted to play with microprocessors and such)
I like some subjects in math (multivariable calculus and differential equations are somewhat interesting to me, already took both)
Not sure about physics yet.... I am in Mechanical/Newtonian physics right now and am doing very average in the class, which is rare for me (and doesn't feel good!)
I haven't taken Electricity and Magnetism yet (next term), but I have heard it is hard.

The reason I'm considering switching to Computer Science is because I'm worried about the physics, signal processing, etc. I know that I am good at programming concepts, and I know that I am not as good at physical science concepts.

Hopefully this is enough to get a small picture of my interests and abilities... I thank you for any input you might have!
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