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May16-09, 05:06 PM
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Uses only as much power as an 80 watt bulb - sure, as long as you don't have to pay for the refrigeration required to re-freeze the "glacier packs". Refrigerators and freezers operate on free power.

Generally, it can cool the air around the unit in any room up to 10 degrees.
Notice the weasel words. The discharge air of this piece of crap can be "up to" 10 degrees cooler than the room air. Is that going to cool the room by 10 degrees? Nope. I'd like to catch these creeps, kidnap them, and put them in a windowless apartment (and make them pay the electrical bills) while their "miraculous" heating and cooling devices fight it out. I'd entertain them with mood rings and pet rocks and occasionally slap therm with a saturated Sham-Wow if they got sleepy.