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ray b
May3-03, 01:11 PM
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Originally posted by kleinjahr
As for the American government scoring acid, well thats easy. The Pres just calls the Director of the CIA. They are the ones who financed the early R+D on LSD. Probably still have some stock on hand in the back store room.
the goverment did the LSD tests in new york and san fran people who liked the LSD told others about this groviey stuff and the freeks were born with the CIA as the dad

not the only CIA drug dealing tho the CIA in v-nam area/era with junk[heroin] in 60's and centrial america in the contra's and coke[cocane] dealing led to the crack all over our streets cheap in the 80's

if uncle sam had just said NO to DRUGS we would be better off now

but I guess the LSD had the less harmfull results, at least it is nontoxic
so no derect deaths anyway

and harmless pot is still the opject of most law inforcement efforts today

maybe it is better to JUST SAY NO to GOVERMENT then NO wars or stupid laws, or othe PIG BS