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Jun4-09, 03:32 PM
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What has changed is that the balloon, a soft substance, has been placed under hydrostatic pressure. The air molecules in the balloon get affected by hydrostatic pressure, and there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Since the balloon rubber is sucked in and held in place by a water vacuum lock (forgive my pseudoscientific terms), I suspect the air will stretch out in the balloon and the water level will not go up (which it cannot since it is sealed shut). SOMETHING ELSE must give way since water cannot.

If the air in the balloon gives way, then the balloon size stays the same. But that is why I came here - to find answers and confirmations (and back patting). In my original post, I hypothesize that the balloon will stay the same size.
Look, stop talking about the balloon. I don't care what's going on with the balloon. It's irrelevant. You are confusing too many things in your head. Think about ONE THING at a time. Are you listening to what I'm saying, or are you telling me?

You are wrong.