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Jun4-09, 08:01 PM
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Almost all nosecones are made from some sort of composite. They house the weather radar and putting your radar antennae inside a faraday cage has performance issues.
Good to know. I only had common sense to go by.

True but irrelevant, the individual avionics and the wiring is very well shielded.
The main issue with composite airframes and lightning is electrically bonding panels together, if there is a break in electrical continuity between a panel that is hit and an adjacent one you get arcing which leads to damage.

'Very well shielded.' What does this mean? How well shielded and against what kind of electrical faults; static discharge, or induced current discharge? How many volts and how many volts per seconds compared to the values lighning obtains? It's relevant until this values are know, then perhaps still relevant.

The avionics racks are under and behind the cockpit as on most planes. This was the cause of a loss of a 737 a few years ago where a blocked coffee machine had been dripping coffee onto them for years unnoticed until they shorted out. The original 737 also had a problem with toilet cleaner leaking into them. They are better protected on later models.
I looked for quite some time to find where avionics 'n stuff were located in the A330 or any Airbus. I came up empty. Thanks for the useful info.