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Jun10-09, 07:21 PM
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When you fall off a building and then you hit the floor, what actually kills you?
I mean what energy or mechanism is acting on your organs and bones and damages them?

The sudden change of momentum your body went through?
The Kinetic energy you had before the impact?

Please try to explain this to me without using the concept of force (I do know it is the change of momentum) but I actually want to see how the conservation laws apply to this particular case.

I want to know this because on a videogame related forum of a PS3 games where you control a superhero who controls electricity (The game is called infamous) and people started asking why the main character was not damaged by high falls and people tried to give a reasonable explanation of that and It just stuck with me.

Bonus question, if someone were to control all aspects of electromagnetism what could they do to prevent damage from falling down great distances, that is of course assiming that said person could exist.

Or maybe I should stop worrying about stupid debates on how physics work in a fictional setting right?

Thanks in advance for those who are willing to reply to this thread.
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