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Jun25-09, 11:22 AM
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Why are we so concerned about connecting math to "everyday lives"?? I think the teachers try to hard to make that connection and application, in which they are losing the theoretical side of their lectures.
There are only two reasons why an individual would choose to learn something. They are practicality and pleasure. Neither is significantly evident in our mathematics curriculum but they should be.

Practice with real-world scenarios develops experience and foresight, which then enables one to solve problems when actually confronted by them. Here's an example a former colleague of mine gave to her middle school students. The student got to choose any car that they wanted to have in the future and that they think they could someday afford. Many students picked really expensive vehicles. They calculated their monthly loan payments as part of the project. Most of them crapped themselves when they saw the final figures, and some noted that their parents salary wasn't even sufficient. Yet we still see people placing themselves in bad financial situations due to lack of critical reasoning or just plain temptation. If you are fortunate to have tools, but have no experience or knowledge of using them, then they are useless.