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Jun30-09, 12:40 PM
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Well, take a look at the actual TeX code for the two examples. To compare, here's the original:

      10\textrm{K}_{4}\textrm{Fe(CN)}_{6}+122\textrm{KMn  O}_{4}+299\textrm{H}_{2}\textrm{SO}_{4}\rightarrow  162\textrm{KHSO}_{4}+5\textrm{Fe}_{2}\textrm{(SO}_  {4}\textrm{)}_{3}+122\textrm{MnSO}_{4}+60\textrm{H  NO}_{3}+60\textrm{CO}_{2}+188\textrm{H}_{2}\textrm  {O}
and here's the one I propose

%this should go in your preamble somewhere

%and then later, in your document...
\chem{10 K_4 Fe (CN)_6 + 122 K MnO_4 + 299 H_2 SO_4 \rightarrow 162 K H SO_4 + 5 Fe_2 (SO_4)_3 + 122 Mn SO_4 + 60 H NO_3 + 60 CO_2 + 188 H_2 O}
Another advantage is that, should you ever decide that you like italic letters in your formulas, or if you want them bolded or whatever, you can just go edit the \chem definition, and then all instances of that command in your document will take advantage of the global edit.