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Jul4-09, 05:24 AM
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Then you should ask a serious question. "the highest salary for the least amount of dedication" is not serious.

Why did you think this is mockery? Because it's highly improbable? So is a successful career in the sciences without some serious dedication. If you had told us you wanted to be a professional athlete and asked what field required the least amount of athletic ability, what kind of answer would you expect?

Indeed, the sine qua non of a professional scientist is dedication.
If you read my second paragraph carefully, you'd see I'm not afraid of dedication in any way. But since you insist on answering "serious" questions, here's the "serious" question that I originally posted, framed in a way that sounds more aesthetically pleasing:

Which jobs in the sciences offer good pay and relatively short work hours?

If you think that question is not serious, don't answer it, but I'm sure most people would give those two factors at least a passing consideration before devoting themselves to a career. I'd be surprised if the athlete in your example devotes his life to, say, playing on a national level without taking a moment to research how much athletic ability or dedication would be required for various sports teams.

I'm well aware that my original question was blunt. That's my style; I don't beat around the bush to ask a simple question. Let's face it: all else being equal, we'd all rather have 80K a year rather than 14K. All else being equal, we'd rather take weekends off. Dedication or lack thereof does not alter the truth of those statements.