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Jul10-09, 02:07 PM
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I've never used the answer to this question dictate where I study, but quite the opposite. I would first decide what I wanted to study, and then go to the city that suits best. Admittedly, it may be easier over here, since we're a tiny country, but I'm not sure that one should let preferences for areas to live in to dictate one's career path entirely.
Yes, your country is small, and you have public transportation available. There are huge regions of the US that have NO public transportation, and travel can be very expensive. My nephew was posted in San Diego for years, and lived there with his wife and daughter when he wasn't ship-board. His mother lives just a couple of miles up the road from me, on the far-opposite corner of the country, so visits were expensive and required a lot of planning and vacation time. Since he was commissioned as a chief warrant officer, he has been re-posted to Hawaii, making visits even MORE problematic. Also, in the US, we have regional concentrations of industries/research facilities, etc, so your concentration of study and eventual employment can require you to live far from where you might like, in order to maximize your earnings and/or advance your career. I would suggest that any college student in a technical field try to get some experience in summer-internships, too, to get a feel for the nature of the work in real-world job.