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Jul19-09, 04:48 AM
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Hi Bill,

Thank you very much for your reply. I am doing PhD at PSU. I am doing NAA analysis for wood rings. So I need to write a code to control the sample changer we have, save the spectrums and then make the analysis, and write the results into files. With lots o effort, because of Genie documentation, as you said, I have used C++ , and finally managed to save the spectrum and move the sample changer. However it seems like the analysis will take more time. By the way I started with the example provided in Genie 2000 3.1

I have still questions about current parts;
1-) I could not find any way to learn whether the spectrum is completed,
2-) No way to get info whether sample changer came to home position.
3-) No idea how to start the analysis part

So I now C++, and can use it. But the Genie does not have a clear api, and documentation. I really need help with analysis. Energy calibration, peak search, nuclide identification, interference correction, efficiency correction and then calculate the mass of each isotope in the sample.

Thank you again for your reply and help. We might together finish the documentation if you are interested in open source development. We can then put this into . I have another project called RADlab at , at , which is open source.