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Jul21-09, 12:09 AM
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I wish I could provide you with an intuitive easy answer but unfortunately quantum doesn't work that way. I'd imagine you're more or less visualizing a photon being ejected from a scattering event like someone flicking a pee with their finger or some such. However, the photon is a spin 1 boson with a quantum wavefunction propogating through space. Depending on what you're trying to do to the photon or how you're trying to measure it the convenience of a "timeless particle" perspective vs. "a continuously fluctuating entity popping in and out of existance along a signal trajectory" perspective is impossible to distinguish. It propogates like a spin 1 boson. The application of terms like "timelessness" and "experience" is really dubious. In other words we can exactly model its behaviour but conveying that to such vague english terms is always going to be problematic. ESPECIALLY a question like "how OLD is it"