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Jun8-04, 02:19 AM
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Quote Quote by russ_watters
Realistically if Bush or Kerry (both have picked up the issue) succeed in getting a million hydrogen powered cars on the road in 10 years and a hundred thousand hydrogen fueling stations, where is that hydrogen going to come from? Realistically. My bet is it'll come from hydrogen manufacturing plants that either take their coal-fired electricity straight from an already overloaded grid or make their own power using oil-fired gas turbine generators. Net result: more pollution, more dependancy on domestic coal and foreign oil, and a bigger energy crisis.
I should add also that to some extent the SciAM article referenced supports your position better than mine. On this point my response is that many key issues are addressed, but some of the important issues are not addressed.

This is a very broad subject. This in fact is a key feature of H2: Decentralization of the energy supply.

Unfortunately, this also demands that the range of solutions is very large. I don't know if I have even heard of all possible options for production. I see references occasionally that imply that even more can be found.