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ania 5555
Aug11-09, 08:37 AM
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Please can you help me with these question;

1)Which bonds can be broken by UV radiation in space?

I've done it but I'm not sure if this is correct.
Covalent bond can be broken by UV radiation in space such as; O-O, N-N, C-N, C-C,
C-O, and double pi bond C=C

2)Consider an area (A) of Kapton that is 1cm2. Assume (i) that the flux of AOs (F) is 2.5 x 1020 atoms/cm2/s and (ii) that 3.04 x 10-24 cm3 Kapton is removed per AO (RE: reaction efficiency). Then the rate of loss of film thickness (x) (- dx/dt=A x F x RE) is (3.5x1020 AO/cm2/s) x (3.04 x 10-24 cm3/ AO). What is the rate of Kapton film loss in space? If the film is 1cm thick, how long will it last attack by AOs if the rate remains constant?????
AO- atomic oxygen

3)If the rate of adsorption (dθ/dt) is kax p02 x (1-θ) exp (-Ea/RT) what is the time for a 1m2 window to be covered by O2 at an altitude of 300km above the Earth’s surface?

4)Suggest one object that would be better produced in space than on Earth??
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