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Jun9-04, 05:50 PM
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Alternative Careers to Engineering :|

What's up with the "moving away" problem. Man is a nomadic species - you've got to get out there and see the world. Heck, first thing I did after the making the dean's list for the first time in my life was to drop out and hitch hike to California (I had no major and my grades could only go down - what else could I do?).

I've lived in four different states (excluding different mental states, of course) and seven different cities. I haven't been to Hawaii, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, North Dakota, New Hampshire, or South Carolina. I've even spent a few months in Italy.

I didn't go back to school until I'd already settled down with a family and already managed to fake my way into a job (then I got caught by those damned ISO audits and had to go to back to school in order to keep my job).

You're still young! Be bold! Be daring!

And what's with the 'liking math'? That's kind of like liking grammer. It's a language! It's just a skill! If you're not interested in the things that have to be expressed in math, why learn it?

Look for something you actually like doing. Then learn the skills you need to do that. (Of course, one caveat - there's an awful lot of skills that are much less enjoyable to learn than math. I learned musical tones by listening to cans rattling down an antique assembly line. If I guessed wrong on which one was rattling in too low of a pitch, I got an eyeful full of methanol. And trying to get that darned machine to work right may have been fun, but it didn't pay very much anyway.)