Thread: Highest IQ?
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Dooga Blackrazor
Jun11-04, 08:21 PM
P: 372
I agree with the pointlessness of IQ tests John. Knowledge effects IQ tests in an amount that people don't want to let on. So do many other factors. Eventually we may be able to calculate intelligence from properties of the brain itself but from written tests I don't think its possible. For those wondering, Sidis can actually be verified from Prometheus society if you deem them to be a legitimate source of information.

Concerning your comment about intelligence effecting appreciation. I'd say that probably would be more of a wisdom & maturity issue than intelligence itself. I wouldn't say your theory isn't possible though. I notice as I got older (and with it smarter), I started to appreciate the world more. However I can't accurately conclude that the intelligence increase is a factor or the only factor contributing to that. It's an interesting theory that I myself have thought about before.