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the number 42
Jun12-04, 03:03 AM
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The Merchants Of Cool

You have a good point! Which makes me immediately doubt the validity of the source. However, it is PBS website, which I doubt would lie about MTV in this way (litigation). I have expanded on the quote to see if it makes things any less incredible:

"...even some cool hunters are no longer sure that their work isn't having a negative impact. "Even though I work at MTV...I am starting to see the world more like someone who's approaching forty than someone who's twenty," says Brian Graden, the channel's president of programming. "And I can't help but be worried that we are throwing so much at young adults so fast. And that there is no amount of preparation or education or even love that you could give a child to be ready."

Nope, its still pretty hard to believe. But here is the URL to contact PBS via:

Maybe Graden didn't mean what he said, in the way that he said it... or something?

Or maybe its true, and he is genuinely worried. Never mind, the poor man can at least be comforted by his paycheck each month.