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Aug31-09, 12:51 AM
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It's not the religious nature that bothers me. I adore many of the artistic byproducts of religion...but Porcelain figures of Jesus, plastic flowers, and the rest of this stuff just looks like litter to me. How can you compare this modern mass produced garbage to laboriously hand crafted churches and other historic artifacts? There is no artistry, and no pride, in this is the exact kind of decorations that you see littered in every trailer park in my home town.
I know where you are coming from. A bunch of $ 0.39ea roses and a plastic cross bought at WalMart placed on the road side does not constitute for a shrine.

No thought, no passion. No care.

Society is getting so shallow...

Edit: I appreciate and like the images Borek posted. I know what is behind it. I saw the likes every single day while I was living in Europe and I can relate and understand them very well. What frustrates me is how little effort and care people around here put into such "landmarks". Plastic doesn't do it for me, sorry...

Maybe its time for me to leave and go back to Europe... ?