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Sep5-09, 01:29 AM
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Any thoughts on Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg, Craig, and McKean?

Thanks for your reply, jasonRF

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I have only a minor familiarity with it, but it seems that regardless you have to get the book for your class, yes?
Yes, this is for one of the stat course at my school. I also have an option to take another statistics course, which uses An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications by Larsen. But the prerequisites of the courses that uses Larsen are only the first two quarters of calculus (i.e. differentiations and integrations), and while it might be a better introduction to probability and statistics, I'm afraid the course might be too easy. On the other hand, the course that uses Hogg requires linear algebra and multivariable calculus, and I think it covers more theory than applications. I don't know which is better, but I think it might be better to take the one with Hogg as long as I can handle it.

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Since you have not mentioned taking a probability class, I am guessing the first part of your course (if not the entire course) will concentrate on probability theory. If you need another book on probability theory to help, I would recommend "a first course on probability" by ross - an old edition can be bought used for little money.
I think the first four chapters of Hogg deals with probability and distributions, and I assume the first quarter of this sequence will probably focus on probability. But I can see another textbook on probability might be better. For example, I've read the first few sections of Hogg (I checked it out from the library), and I feel like the text is covering this stuff pretty lightly (e.g. If I haven't taken combinatorics before, I'd probably be lost around permutations, combinations, and inclusion-exclusion formula, which is in section 1.3).