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Sep18-09, 06:04 PM
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I usually get pretty nervous before tests / quizzes and I am a rather slow test taker. I suppose I could be optimistic and just say I am very thorough. I usually use as much time is allowed, and if there is no time limit I am usually one of the last to leave.

If possible I like to go through the test and making some notes of the problems that gave me trouble or passed over. Then I will go back and do those problems, and when I am all finished I try to go through the exam once more just to double check all my answers.

Well some of my classes this semester have some pretty restrictive time limits. And earlier this week one of my teachers started handing out the quiz 9 minutes before class ended. by the time I got my quiz there was 8 minutes left to complete it. I hardly had enough time to finish all the problems and I was in a mad rush / didn't get to review any of my solutions. Well when class ended I wasn't the only one still working but the teacher said we had to turn it in as it was. After our class is over, a different class begins right away.

I got the quiz back today and I made a B- on it. This teacher specifically seems to always wait till the end of the class to give out the quizzes. We have only had 1 test, and she gave us like 30 minutes to do it. I felt extremely rushed on that one also but my grade was better.

This post isn't to rant or anything like that. But the point of this post is I know there isn't really anything I can do about the teacher or the class. The teachers know the material better than me and are a better judge of how much time to provide so I should be able to finish in the allotted time.

Has anyone else here struggled with this? Do you know of any ways to work better under time pressure?
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