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Oct5-09, 07:59 PM
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Hello, I am a semi recent-college graduate from (23 years old) and I have come to a very large cross road in my life. I have at the least, a substantial amount of student debt, somewhere in the range of $70,000. I have a degree in public relations from a school known for it's media program. When I was going into High School, I had no clue what I was getting myself into, I repeat no clue! I went to college to play football and have fun, I thought a degree in media relations would be good for the ego and that I may one day walk with the celebrities. 5 years later, I understand that I was living in some far off reality.

I did some half-*** internship in college, and then had a real legit one in the world of public relations afterward. I found out pretty quickly that it was not for me.

I have to make it clear that throughout all of my college career, I never, and I mean NEVER gave any serious thought as to why I was going to school, and what I wanted to do after I was done.

All of that said, I want to go into something math related. I am not one of those folks that will go into great detail about how exceptional they are math, but I will say I was good enough to win many regional awards up until 8th grade, and then i sort of stopped going to classes, almost failed 9th etc. It's a long story.

None the less I know I enjoy math, and have revisited all my algebras and trig just for fun and am working into calculus, (due to my rough start in High School) I only ever went to pre-calculus.

At my PR firm, we had architects as clients, so I got into architecture, as I began shadowing at an architectural/engineering firm, my interest grew into civil engineering and i am now considering other forms of engineering. My dad is an astronomer and he thinks, 1. I am stupid for going to the school I did (expensive) 2. I should go back for physics.

Assuming I have very little in the way of credits for any of these majors, what degree would be the quickest (math, science, or physics) which one would be the most profitable?

Have you ever heard of anyone making such a dramatic shift?

I want to thank you all so much for the replies. They are greatly appreciated.
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