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Oct6-09, 04:40 PM
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just googled "teaching yourself calculus" and this was first site to pop up.. Been looking for an educated forum for a while anyways

seems like a good place to converse and ask questions, as math has always been my strong point. Can't stand the sheer amount of school for a Phd, I'm in computer science ...starting to really hate it ..
...was drooling over Puma Punku for a while....walls nearly as hard as diamond, perfectly cut lines!!! estimated over 15,000 years old O_O....for all us crazies to consider. . and discovering my real love is archaeology and ancient anthropology, but not really sure if it melds with math too much.. Speaking of...

also...just finished A canticle for leibowitz -- if anyone's in to apocalyptic scenarios...Okay, there's my contribution for the day, interested in reading responses

oh yeah,'s on my bucket list -- at least have to take a crack at it, any links or book titles would be nice :)) Keep in mind I don't buy data
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