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Oct20-09, 02:54 PM
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This is looking at the problem only symptomatically, ignoring the origin of these states: the conscious and unconscious mind.

A dream is what your unconscious mind does to entertain itself when your conscious mind is dormant. Waking state is what happens when your conscious mind returns to its active state and reasserts its dominance.

I got the impression he was stating that the conscious mind/brain is (also) a projection(constituent part of the dream), the opposite of the mind being responsible for all objective sensory sensations. What the thing that 'projects' those sensations(reality) onto the mind is supposed to be like, is not something i can fathom, though. Maybe he can clarify his beliefs about us being in a more fundamental state somewhere else, and only temporarily here(dream state) in this physical universe. I wonder when we "wake up" as he claims after death, how are we supposed to know that we aren't again in a dream-reality?

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Reality is an 'extended' dream and Death is when you wake up.
Would a total freedom and no laws of physics and bounderies mean that you have woken up?

If yes, i don't want to wake up(yet).