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Nov2-09, 10:58 PM
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I just finished The World and the West by Toynbee. I'm in the middle of the Civilization on Trial. I'll probably start scratching some surface on A Study of History soon. I'm a multi-tasker when it comes to reading, though, a defense developed early on to battle the onset of seeping boredom or growing disinterest, (the cause of which is usually seeing the same writing style day after day, not the content itself).

I'm looking for some works to aid and abet my study of history. I'm looking for content similar to Toynbee's - the study of histories growing and falling, the world's encounter with the west, basically "macro-history" lessons focused on the effects of culture-clashes with analyses of what happened, (cue John Madden: And then you see Gandhi really Trying to stop the play over here in the yellow circle, but then BOOM! The cultural blend is complete).

If that's out of your common knowledge vs. interest-range in history, then...

List your top 10 all-time must-read history books?:

Thanks in advance !
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