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Jun25-04, 04:11 PM
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Quote Quote by kurious
If a spin 1 photon is made from spin 2 gravitons then when the
gravitons initially formed the photon, they must have reduced their
angular momentum.
They could do this by splitting into two spin 1 particles, one of
which helps form a photon, while the other moves off into space as a
free photon.When a photon is struck at some time by a free graviton in
space,part of the energy in the photon can have its angular momentum
increased and can leave the photon as a spin 2 particle.The free
graviton that caused the increase in the angular momentum of part of
the energy of the photon would have its own angular momentum
decreased.Angular momentum would be conserved.
I don't want to interrupt your conversation, but I just wanted to say that I see the reverse happening. I think of photon1 + photon2 = graviton.

Just my thoughts..........stay involved.