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Nov16-09, 09:56 PM
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Aside from you Sorry, where does one go to poll 'the world' on caring for America?
Well it figures an American would say something to me about that. Go figure.

It's the worlds worst kept secret, quite a bit of the world don't like America(mostly so in developed nations). Obama has definitely given America a huge boost though that's for sure.
Yet these Americans are going against him; even when what he did in Japan helped American-Japanese relations. This is where my comment fits in. Very nice.

EDIT: From 2002-2007 the world image of America declined quite a bit. Most countries had 50/50 favorable-unfavorable outcome towards America. Countries that liked America most were mostly from Africa. (Ivory coast was #1 88% favorable... Compared to America itself with only 80% favorable.) View of Americans themselves has declined as well but not as much as the view of the country as a whole. In fact most countriese hold a 'slightly favorable' position on Americans.

So when American worldview is declining it's fair IMO for me to state that I think that the behaviour and views of Americans is one of the reasons for this.