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Dec14-09, 07:42 PM
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Yes I believe that's a crudely put way (by Money) of saying the quick chargers are probably 440V, i.e. service not typically available in residences.
Okay, we have to be careful here. There seems to be some confusion:

- Quick chargers mentioned by the article are 440V and up to 50 kW. No one is going to be installing those in personal residences. At first, there will be maybe 50 of those per state installed in major cities and on major freeways (e.g. between Los Angeles and San Francisco).

- Home chargers installed for owners of Leaf and Mini will be substantially less powerful, they will draw 10 kW tops, possibly much less.

- You don't need to run a separate circuit, you may be able charge from the dryer outlet. You do need a basic piece of hardware that plugs into the dryer outlet and a proprietary cable (SAE J1772) that runs from that hardware to the EV. That way your EV would be able to negotiate the current without burning out or blowing the fuses. The connector cable is designed with a number of safety features. For example, it is automatically depowered if it's not plugged in, or it's damaged (maybe because you ran it over while backing out of the garage the previous night).