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Dec15-09, 10:27 AM
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Turbochargers work by having more AIR in the cylinder, so as a result you have more fuel and therefore more power. Just adding fuel under pressure will not add power, just make you run rich.

For that you don't need an entire fuel tank underpressue. In cars fuel is pumped from a low pressure tank into higher pressure injectors.

Typical out of cylinder injectors run at something like 4 bar, and use the heat of the valves to help atomise the fuels. Newer direct injection engines, use high pressure rail injectors running cloer to 150-200 bar. Common rail direct injection diesels can run at nearly 2000bar.

Higher pressures, allows smaller nozzles to be used for the same flow rates, meaning more atomised fuels, but agian only a very small amount of fuel needs to be at high pressure at any one time.