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Mar21-03, 07:36 AM
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Originally posted by drag
It is fortunate that a super-power like the US exists
and can act without this corrupted institution.
Originally posted by zk4586
Fortunate? I find nothing fortunate in the fact that the US is a country which uses it's power to bully other nations into submitting to whatever suits the US. I find nothing fortunate in the fact that a country which was founded on the ideals of freedom and liberty would use its military strength and economic superiority so agressively that its image becomes one of capriciousness, arrogance, and brutality.
The USA was founded on the ideals of freedom
and liberty. If you remember - this freedom and
liberty was achieved through force. We are not
living in a black & white world. Not all wars are
bad, some are very good.

The UN is a pathetic institute when it comes to
deciding upon military action at present. The UN
can only, and even then in a poor way, handle
a real war.

Is the UN your idea of freedom and liberty ?!
The UN, if I may remind you, is an organization
where all countries are represented. There are
many countries in the world where there is no
freedom or liberty. This corrupted organization
draws descisions based on the opinion of tyrants.
While the US follows real democracy, its ideals and
intrests, this organization abides to only one
intrest - its internal stability.

The US is freeing people from a tyrant. Perhaps,
if you were an Iraqi citizen and you knew how
life is there and in the US and "western" countries
by comparisson - you'd have a "slightly" different
opinion on the subject.

People living in democratic countries throughout
their lives can not understand this. Do you really
think that absolute rulers care about the UN and
its treaties or human rights ? They're absolute
rulers - they only care about themselves, their own
greatness and power, their life-style and feeling
of control. They, unlike democratic countries, have
no problem to lie, kill, cheat, produce whatever
weapons they like for their own protection
and for their plans of conquest for further greatness.
The people are there just for the ruler's benefit.
Saddam disarming himself due to UN "pressure" is
just a joke. What does such "pressure" do to him ?
Do you think that the sanctions hurt him personally ?

Of course, that the US also has other intrests in the
area, except protecting itself and the "western"
world (some of which apparently just won't "get it"
until there are explosions outside their houses).
Of course, that when african countries kill each other
by the tens of phousands they could also
intervene and force settlements - although these
are not at all threats to US security, unlike Iraq
which giving it's weapons to terrorists can cause
even greater catastrophies. But, the world is not
black & white, like I said. So, does it make it a
bad thing - certainly not !

Live long and prosper.