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Jan16-10, 11:58 PM
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I want to see this design move forward. Before I can work on the mechanical engineering aspects of the motors: I want to work on my position control system.

(Cheap geared DC motors like those from solarbotics/chinese drill motors seem ideal if I can convert them in to servos somehow.

I'm also considering DIY worm wheels drawing from the astronomy or between clutch plates to manage the holding torque issue with DC, but that's getting ahead of myself.)

Rather than going with the potentiometer/optical encoder positioning that seems popular on many systems/servos: for ultra-low budget reasons: I'm inclided to go with a CCD active motion capture setup wiimote style.

Now: If I put and IR filter on several of these cameras and affix them to the arm on each axis of movement: I imagine I can keep the robotic arm in a room with line of sight to multiple reference IR LEDs, and I can use this code:

to translate the video feed in to positional feedback on the arm.

I guess is what I'm looking for is suggestions/constructive criticism. Trouble you anticipate I might run in to from your experience in such things. Not being a CS/Mechatronics expert, I have no experience to draw from on the: "in over my head" scale.

Flame away.
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